imprinted concrete and brick paving slab

Deciding to own a house is a big decision to make mostly for some it’s almost once in a lifetime. Every part, materials and even the interior design is an investment that is why each one of it should work together to accent and enhance the overall foundation in terms of personal and architectural styles of your home.

With all these being said, you might want to consider checking which paving best suits your Driveway & Patio. It is fairly important to keep safety, usability and cost part of your checklist as well before jumping on any options so let’s explore two types of concrete: Stamped Concrete and Brick Paving


Brick paving is an individual unit that interlocks with each other.


  • Concrete block paving can be expensive especially the natural stone setts.
  • Inadequate and poorly prepared sub-bases can result in block paving surfaces sinking in high use areas such as those which regularly take the weight of cars.
  • Weed and moss growth can occur between the blocks as airborne seeds settle into the sand. This can look unsightly and needs to be cleaned out regularly.
  • The colour of some less expensive block pavers can fade over time due to exposure to Ultra Violet light.

What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

It is concrete that is poured the same as conventional mass concrete, coloured with any one of our colours and “textured” using specially contoured textured mats (our twenty five different patterns available) to reproduce the look of cobble, slate, stone or brick that will compliment and blend naturally with its surroundings.


  • The concrete is poured in large slabs which results in no weeds/moss, no loose bricks.
  • Adds charm, character and value to your property.
  • It is quicker to lay down than other paving methods.
  • Stains can be easily washed away or treated.
  • Imprinted concrete has been developed for over 40 years for all types of weather conditions.
  • Pattern imprinted concrete will not fade over time, this is due to an acrylic type sealer protecting it from the elements, and the UV resistance incorporated in the colour and sealer..
  • Adds value to your home and property.
  • Large choice of colours and patterns available.
  • Almost no maintenance required apart from a reapplication of sealer.
  • Can be strengthened to take heavy traffic.
  • Any size or shape of area possible.
  • Imprinted Concrete can be used to replicate standard brick driveways.
  • Does not spoil or crack in extreme cold weather conditions.
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  3. Hi,
    Looking at getting the area at side of house done for a patio, seen your matcrete product and I am interested in looking at it instead of patio slabs,
    Area I’m thinking of doing is 25ft X 35ft,
    Can you give me a rough idea what this will cost,

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