About Us


Adamstown Engineering Ltd is a family run operation that has been in the foundry business for over 45 years.
We are highly experienced in producing castings. We have flexible manufacturing processes in which we can produce small or large runs. We can provide a level of expertise in Sand Casting and Die Casting.
Our family run business is large enough to service any requirement
But we are small enough to care.
Metal Casting Process
Adamstown Engineering use 2 methods for manufacturing aluminum
Castings, Sand casting and Gravity Die casting.

Sand Casting is the more traditional method for casting aluminum
We use 2 types Greensand and Airset sand casting.
Greensand Casting is the oldest and least expensive .
Green sand is known principally because of the moisture content within the sand. Clay and chemical additives are added to the sand to act as binders which results in a compound that is suitable for the sand moulding process.
The sand mixture is compressed around the pattern taking on the shape of the casting. Sand cores are used to form passageways in the casting. The two halves of the mould are closed and aluminum is poured into the cavity and left to solidify. After Solidification has taken place the sand is vibrated until it is released from the casting.
The green sand casting process is suitable for small to medium size batches. The initial tooling costs are generally low and involve the production of usually a wooden pattern.

Airset Casting process is used for extremely large Castings. It produces a sand mould of considerable strength which can be free standing without the need for moulding boxes and therefore unlimited in size. The process involves mixing sand, resin and a chemical hardener together. The sand mixture is then compressed around the pattern and left to set.


Pattern Imprinted Concrete was first introduced to the American Market in the late fifties. The products beauty and lasting appearance made it an instant winner, shopping malls, car parks, magnificent innovative paving system. Imprinted Concrete current commands over 80% of the U.S. Driveway Market.

Textured Pattern Imprinted Concrete is poured the same as conventional mass concrete, coloured with any one of our colours and ” textured ” using specially contoured textured mats ( our twenty five different patterns available ) to reproduce the look of cobble, slate, stone or brick that will compliment and blend naturally with its surroundings.

As you are probably aware, the potential in the Irish Driveway Market is enormous, it is one of the few home improvements that has gone untouched, we also seen this opportunity and decided to do something about it.

Matcrete Ireland manufacture and stock a range of textured mats and professional concrete hand tools, these are for sale or for hire. We also manufacture a comprehensive range of colour hardener, release agent and sealer hardener for textured pattern imprinted concrete in Ireland today.

We are available to answer any further enquiries you might have, as well as being able to offer you any advice you will need, including a full back up service, a full training programme, Contract sheets, Leaflets and whatever enquiries come into the office from your area.