Imprinted Concrete sealer

An acrylic resin based product with excellent penetration of concrete and good scaling and water repellent properties. It protects the concrete against grease, oil, acids and alkalis. Dusting, flaking and general deterioration will be minimised by the durable abrasion resistant surface.

Application of the correct amount is important, and this can best be judged by appearance. Concrete may vary considerably in porosity and absorption, so the quantity of sealer required for a given area can only be determined by actual practice. Two, or possibly three applications may be needed to seal a surface – the correct amount having been applied when the dried surface has a low sheen. At this stage, the pores of the top layer have been filled, producing a tough, resilient, and hard wearing surface.

Excess sealer should not be allowed to form a film on the surface as this would be relatively easily damaged, because it has a sufficient plasticising character to maintain flexibility. It is the acrylic impregnated top concrete layer that provides the durable surface.

The information herein is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate. However, since conditions of use are outside our control no guarantee of results implied.