home-buttons_02Textured Pattern Imprinted Concrete is poured the same as conventional mass concrete, coloured with any one of our colours and ” textured ” using specially contoured textured mats ( our twenty five different patterns available ) to reproduce the look of cobble, slate, stone or brick that will compliment and blend naturally with its surroundings.

As you are probably aware, the potential in the Irish Driveway Market is enormous, it is one of the few home improvements that has gone untouched, we also seen this opportunity and decided to do something about it.

Matcrete Ireland manufacture and stock a range of textured mats and professional concrete hand tools, these are for sale or for hire. We also manufacture a comprehensive range of colour hardener, release agent and sealer hardener for textured pattern imprinted concrete in Ireland today.

We are available to answer any further enquiries you might have, as well as being able to offer you any advice you will need.

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